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Piston Pump: working, parts, application, advantages and disadvantages

A pump is a device which uses to deliver different fluids from one area to other. The pumps are most common all over the world, and they have become a compulsory part of all industries.  There are multiple types of pumps like gear pump , piston pump, centrifugal pump , reciprocating pump . A piston pump is a favorite type of pump from the category of reciprocating pump.  In this article, we will mainly discuss different aspects of the piston pump. What is a Piston Pump? A pump that uses a piston to deliver the fluid from one place to another place is known as a piston pump. A piston pump has a piston that reciprocates inside the compression cylinder.  This positive displacement pump has an exterior diameter seal with a piston rod connection. It creates pressure by supplying energy to the liquid being pumped.  This process increases the pressure of the liquid according to requirements.  The piston pump is best for applications that need lower pressures and higher flow rates because it c