Components of Reciprocating Pump

Components of reciprocating pump with their details are as follow


Crank is a circular disk attached to the motor and used to transfer the rotation motion of the motor to the piston

Connecting rod

Connecting rod is the long solid rod. It provide connection between crank and the piston. It also convert the rotation motion of crank into the linear motion of the piston.


Piston is the solid cylinder like part of the pump which moves linearly in the hollow cylinder of the pump. It motion is main reason behind suction and deliverance of the liquid


It is a hollow cylinder in which piston moves. Suction and deliverance take place with in it. Suction and delivery pipe and valves are attached to its one end piston come and go back from other end.

Suction pipe

Pipe which take liquid from the source and provide it to the cylinder of the pump  is called suction pump

Suction valve

It is one way valve place between suction pipe and cylinder of the pump. It is open when suction take place and close when delivery of the water is taking place

Delivery pipe

Pipe which take water from the cylinder of the pump and provide it to the tank is called delivery  pipe.

Delivery valve

It is one away vale and placed at the point of attachment of delivery pipe with cylinder. It is open when delivery of water is taking place and closed when suction of water in taking place


It is a filter like parts provided at the end of suction pipe. Its main function is to stop is solid particles from entering into the pipe

Air vessel

Installed at the suction and delivery pipe and its main function is to give a steady flow by reducing the frictional head 

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