Working of centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump work on the principle of centrifugal force.  Centrifugal force in one is tried to take away a rotating body from its center of rotation. In centrifugal pump when a liquid is rotated by the impellers of pump then centrifugal force created will draw away the rotating liquid from the central axis and so a centrifugal head is created which enable the liquid to rise up to a certain level.

Step by step working of centrifugal is given below

Priming of pump

Filling of pump with water so that no air pocket is left in pump is called priming of pump. Priming is done by closing the delivery pipe and fills the whole pump (that is casing, delivery pipe up to valve and suction pipe) with water.

Creating strong suction

A strong suction is needed to start the suction of the liquid from the source. For this purpose delivery valve is kept close and pump is started. Rotating impeller will create a strong suction or vacuum at the eye of impeller.

Creating the normal pressure

Rotation speed of the impeller is increase with the delivery valve closed until it attains a normal speed. With this speed pump establish a normal pressure required to start pumping

Suction of liquid 

When pump establish a normal pressure then delivery valve is opened and liquid is sucked into suction pipe and enter into casting through the impeller eye. In casting rotating impeller rotate the liquid and thus create the centrifugal force needed to create the centrifugal head


When liquid in the casing attains a specific centrifugal force it is pushed into the delivery pipe and taken to a specific height due to centrifugal head

Continuous process

As long as the impeller of the pump continuous to rotate there will be a suction pressure at inlet and centrifugal head at outlet and the liquid will be transfer from source to reservoir

Closing the pump

When you need to close the pump, first the delivery valve is closed and then impeller should stop rotation. Otherwise there will be some back flow from reservoir 

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