Difference Between I.C. Engine and Gas Turbine


  •  Mass/KW Developed
Mass per KW development of a gas turbine is less than that of the I.C engine

  • Installation Cost
Installation cost of an I.C engine is much more than the gas turbine

  • Running Cost
Running cost of gas turbine is less than the I.C engine

  • Efficiency
Efficiency of gas turbine is much higher than the I.C Engine

  • Balancing
Gas turbines are perfectly balance while I.C engines are not perfectly balance

  • Torque 
Gas turbine can produce a uniform torque so there is no need of flywheel but I.C engine require flywheel because of non uniform torque production

  • Running Speed
Gas turbine run at very high speed where I.C engines are design for medium level speed

  • Pressure involvement
Pressure required to run a gas turbine is very low while very high pressure is required for I.C engine

  • Pollution Creation
Gas turbines exhaust contain very small amount of harmful gasses while I.C engine exhaust produce more pollution

  • Starting 
Starting of an I.C engine is simple while gas turbine starting is little complicated

  • Application 
Gas Turbines are suitable for air crafts while I.C engine are suitable for road vehicles