Boiler Mounting and Accessories

Boiler Mounting

There are number of parts which are attached to boilers for their safe and proper working. They are as follow

1. Water Level indicators.

Water level indicator is a safety component use to indicate the level of water inside the boiler to an observer. It is an essential component needed for the proper and safe functions of boiler and it is mounted on the front side of boiler.

2. Pressure Gauge.

Pressure gauges are uses to show the pressure, which builds up inside the boiler due to steam. They re usually installed in front side of boilers and bourden type pressure gauges are the most common type of gauge used to measure the pressure.

3. Safety valve.

Safety valves are essential to protect boiler from explosion due to very high pressure of steam inside the boiler. They are installed at steam chest. Its function is to blow off the pressure when it exceed the safety level.  There are four main types of safety valves
  • Lever safety valve
  • Dead weight safety valve
  • high steam and low water safety valve
  • spring loaded safety valve

4. Steam stop valve.

Steam stop valve in used to control the flow of steam from boiler to the main steam pipe and shut down the steam supply when required. It is installed the highest point of boiler with the help of a flange.

5. Blow off cock.

Function of blow off cock is to empty the boiler when required and it also help in removing mud and scales from the bottom of the boiler.

6. Feed check valve.

Feed check valve in use to regulate the flow of water into the boiler. It is a non-return valve, installed the screw spindle to regulate its lift. Valve must have its spindle lifted before the pump starts.

7. Fusible plug.

Fusible plug is fitted on the crown plate of the boiler. Its function is to stop the fire when the water level is down from safety level.

Boiler Mounting and Accessories
Boiler Mounting and Accessories

Boiler Accessories

There are many parts which are integrated with boiler to perform different jobs some of them are as follow

1. Feed Pump.

Water inn feed in to boiler by the means of feed pump, centrifugal pump or reciprocating pump. But double acting reciprocating pump is usually use these days.

2. Super heater

Function f super heater is increase the temperature of steam without increasing its pressure. It is installed in the path of hot flue gases.  

3. Economizer

Economizer is a heat exchanger use to pre-heat the water before enter the boiler. It make use of hot flue gases to pre-heat water. There are many advantages of using economizer
  • Save 15 to 20% of fuel.
  • Increase the steam rising capacity of boiler.
  • Prevent scale formation in boiler.
  • As water entering the boiler is hot so strain due to unequal expansion is minimized.