Six Interview Question at Oil & Gas Job Sector

Q) How to calculate volume of a pipe in barrel if data is available in following units 

Inner diameter in inches 

Length in feet’s

Ans)                Volume = Area × length

                        Area = 1/4× π × d²

                       Length = L

                       Volume = 1/4× π × d² × L
                       Volume = 1/4× π × (d²/144) × L ×(1/5.615)  from in² to ft²

                       1 barrel = 5.615 ft³

                       Volume = (1/1029.4) × d²(in)× L (ft)

Q) Define Flow rate of fluid?

Ans) Flow rate of the fluid is the product of the velocity and are of cross section from where fluid is flowing

                                 Q = AV    m³/sec

Q) How you can create the jetting effect in fluid pumped at high flow rate?

Ans) Jetting effect can be produce in the fluid pumped at high flow rate by decreasing the area of cross section and this can be achieved by introducing the nozzle at the place where jetting effect is needed. Decrease in area will result in increase in velocity of fluid for keep the flow rate constant.

Q) What are five different units of density?

Ans)            1) Gram per centimeter cube g/cm³

                    2) Kilogram per meter cube kg/m³

                    3) Gram per litter g/l

                    4) Pound per cubic foot lb/ft³

                    5) Pound per gallon lb/gal

Q) What is difference between pump and motor?

Ans) Pump pressurizes the water by transferring its mechanical energy to the water and force it to move while motor uses the mechanical energy and pressure of flowing water to produce its rotation

Q) What is relationship between liter, gallon and barrel?

Ans)     1 barrel = 42 gallon

             1 gallon = 3.78541 liter

So        1 barrel = 42 gallon = 158.98722 litter


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