Difference between pump and motor


Pump pressurizes the water by transferring its mechanical energy to the water and forces it to move while motor uses the mechanical energy and pressure of flowing water to produce its rotation

Energy conversion

Motor convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy whereas pump does not convert any form of energy it only transfer its mechanical energy to fluid mechanical energy

Type of mechanism

Motor is a driver that is a driving mechanism and make the other mechanism moves for example pump whereas pump is driven that is it need a mechanism to rotate itself for example motor

Device type

Motor can be an electrical device or hydraulic device whereas pump is pure hydraulic device


Input of pump is always mechanical energy whereas input of motor can be electrical energy of kinetic energy (in hydraulic motor)


Output of motor is always a mechanical energy whereas output of pump is kinetic and pressure energy of fluid


There are two main types of motor AC motor and DC motor while pump has two main types centrifugal pump and reciprocating pump

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