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Today our post is about vertical axis wind turbine parts. Vertical axis wind turbine are one whose axis of rotation is vertical with respect to ground. There are many  parts of vertical axis wind turbine but we have discus few of them Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Parts Follow are the vertical axis wind turbine parts Guide wire Hub Rotor  Blades Shaft  Brake Gear Generator Base Guide Wire of  vertical axis wind turbine Vertical axis wind turbine normally needs guide wire to keep the rotor shaft in a fixed position and maximized possible mechanical vibration Hub of  vertical axis wind turbine The hub is the center of the rotor to which the rotor blades are attached. Cast iron or cast steel is most often used. In VAWT there are two hibs upper and lower because blades are attached at two points.  Rotor of  vertical axis wind turbine The rotor is the heart of a wind turbine and consists of multiple rotor blades attached to a hub. It is the turbine component responsible for collecting the ene


Wind turbine is a mechanical device which converts the kinetic energy of the moving wind to the electricity energy. People are using mechanical devices to convert wind energy in mechanical energy from pre historic times. Wind turbines are great source of getting green and renewable energy. They can be installed at any place fulfilling two qualities huge free space and moving wind Types of wind turbine There are many ways in which you an classify wind turbine but following are the two most widely used and known types of wind turbine  1. Vertical axis wind turbine 2. Horizontal axis wind turbine Vertical axis wind turbine have axis of rotation of their blades vertical to ground on which they are installed and horizontal axis wind turbine have axis of rotation parallel to ground. Parts of wind turbine Each wind turbine needed different parts on the basis of its type and working condition but following is the list of parts that are present in most of the common turbi

Working of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, Their Parts, Pros and Cons

Vertical axis wind turbine is one whose axis of rotation of blades is perpendicular to the ground. Blades of these wind turbines are attached at two points, upper point is called upper hub and lower point is called lower hub. Shaft at which blades are attached is called low speed shaft. Generator and gearbox are placed on the ground and Guy wires are needed to give spot to wind turbine  Vertical axis wind turbine are classified into two main types 1. Lift type 2. Drag type Lift types is one which use the lift forces produce by the moving air to produce the rotation of turbine blades and drag type wind turbine is one which use the drag force of wind to produce the rotation motion of blades Parts of vertical axis wind turbine Following are vertical axis wind turbine parts 1. Upper hub 2. Blades 3. Low speed shaft 4. Lower hub 5. Gear box 6. Guy wires 7. Generator 8. High speed shaft Working of vertical axis wind turbine Like horizontal axis wind turbine kinetic energy of the wind is conv

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Horizontal axis wind turbine  is one in which the axis of rotation of blade is parallel to the ground. These wind turbines have been considered as a stander for wind turbine that is their efficiency, working, manufacturing cost, advantages and disadvantages all are taken as a stander for any other types of wind turbine. Due their design they need to be installed at some height from the ground so that their blades might not hit the ground during rotation and that’s why all their components are placed in a box called nacelle which is placed on top of a huge tower. Number of blades on a  Horizontal axis wind turbine  is not fixed one can use any number of blades on a wind turbine but due to high efficiency three blade wind turbine is most common and it is also considered as a slandered design but there are also one, two and four blades wind turbine available in the market Parts of Horizontal axis wind turbine Following are the basic parts of a  Horizontal axis wind turbine Blades  Ro


Taking about classification of wind turbine, they can be classified in verity of ways, some classified them only on their axis of rotation, some classified them upon their capacity and some classified them on place they are installed. I have classified them in verity of ways shown below Types Of Wind Turbine Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines Upwind and Downwind turbines Constant and Variable speed wind turbines   Capacity of wind turbines Direct-Drive and Gear-Drive wind turbines ON-Grid and Off-Grid wind turbines ON-Shore and Off-Shore wind turbines Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines Horizontal-axis wind turbine are one in which the rotating axis of blades is parallel to the wind stream. The vertical-axis wind turbines is one in which the blades rotate with respect to their vertical axes that are perpendicular to the ground Upwind and Downwind turbines Upwind turbines are one in which the wind rotors face the wind. Downwind turbine a

horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) types

American style wind mills They typically have many blades and are used by farmers to generate electricity on a small scale. They have low efficiency since the blades operate at a tip speed ratio (TSR) (the ratio between the speed of wind and the speed of the tips of the blades of the turbine) that is equal or less that 1 Conventional wind turbine wind The common, modern wind turbines produce electricity and are used in many countries for the clean energy they provide. They usually have three blades, because it provides the best balance of high rotation speed and load balancing, but sometimes they only have two blades and sometimes just even one. They have high tip speed ratios, high efficiency and low torque ripple, which subtracts the minimum torque from the maximum during one revolution. As the number of blades decreases, the vibration modes increase in peak intensity, which can cause loud noise and wear and tear of the machine. Modern three bladed horizonta

Difference between horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine

Axis of rotation It is the main and biggest difference they have. As the name say horizontal axis wind turbine have axis of rotation parallel to the ground and vertical axis wind turbine have axis of rotation perpendicular to ground Number of blades working at a time If we take 3 blades wind turbine then in horizontal axis wind turbine all three blades work at a time while in vertical axis wind turbine one blade work at a time. Working wind direction Vertical axis wind turbine work in all wind directions while horizontal axis wind turbine only works in a specific wind direction, when wind direction change horizontal axis wind turbine have to move itself in the direction Efficiency at a given wind speed Because all blades of horizontal axis wind turbine work ata time so its efficiency is much more than the vertical axis wind turbine. Area needed for installation Because of the axis of rotation area need for the horizontal axis wind tur