Difference between horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine

Axis of rotation

It is the main and biggest difference they have. As the name say horizontal axis wind turbine have axis of rotation parallel to the ground and vertical axis wind turbine have axis of rotation perpendicular to ground

Number of blades working at a time

If we take 3 blades wind turbine then in horizontal axis wind turbine all three blades work at a time while in vertical axis wind turbine one blade work at a time.

Working wind direction

Vertical axis wind turbine work in all wind directions while horizontal axis wind turbine only works in a specific wind direction, when wind direction change horizontal axis wind turbine have to move itself in the direction

Efficiency at a given wind speed

Because all blades of horizontal axis wind turbine work ata time so its efficiency is much more than the vertical axis wind turbine.

Area needed for installation

Because of the axis of rotation area need for the horizontal axis wind turbine is much more than needed for vertical axis wind turbine.  Height is also a concern for horizontal axis wind turbine but not for vertical axis wind turbine

Location of installation

Because of area needed and protection precision  horizontal axis wind turbine cannot installed near population whereas vertical axis wind turbine is designed for installation in urban areas


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