Wind turbine is a mechanical device which converts the kinetic energy of the moving wind to the electricity energy. People are using mechanical devices to convert wind energy in mechanical energy from pre historic times. Wind turbines are great source of getting green and renewable energy. They can be installed at any place fulfilling two qualities huge free space and moving wind

Types of wind turbine

There are many ways in which you an classify wind turbine but following are the two most widely used and known types of wind turbine 
1. Vertical axis wind turbine
2. Horizontal axis wind turbine
Vertical axis wind turbine have axis of rotation of their blades vertical to ground on which they are installed and horizontal axis wind turbine have axis of rotation parallel to ground.

Parts of wind turbine

Each wind turbine needed different parts on the basis of its type and working condition but following is the list of parts that are present in most of the common turbine

1. Hub
2. Rotors blades
3. Shaft (low speed)
4. Shaft (high speed)
5. Pitch mechanism
6. Electrical Brake
7. Mechanical Brakes
8. Gear box
9. Generator
10. Converter
11. Wind sensor
12. Yaw drive
13. Yaw motor
14. Tower
15. Nacelle
16. Guide wire ( only in vertical axis wind turbine)

Working of wind turbine

Working of wind turbine is quite simple, everyone know that moving wind have kinetic energy and this energy is converted into the rotation motion of blades of a wind turbine when wind strike on the turbine blade. Blades are attached to shaft so as the blades move shaft also start to move. This shaft is attached to a gear box which increase or decrease its speed according to the turbine design. After the gear box shaft is attached to a generator whose rotation causes the production of electricity.

Advantages of wind turbine

1. Produce the electricity in clean and natural friendly manner
2. Wind energy is available almost every where
3. It is renewable source of energy
4. Produce electricity at low prices
5. Remote areas that are not connected to the electricity power grid can use wind turbines to         produce their own supply.
6. Reduce the dependence on fossil fuel

Disadvantages of wind turbine

1. Created noise pollution
2. Bad visual impact
3. Cover huge area
4. High initial cost 
5. High maintenance cost
6. Not a constant source of energy


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