Productivity Improvement through Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIM

Computer Integrated Manufacturing is one in which computer is used for the proper integration and coordination of manufacturing and function of design. Computer integrated manufacturing can produce high quality product on market demand by making use of advance manufacturing technology, management and computer. Competition between the international businesses is forcing the companies to derive new ways of manufacturing.

Form 1980’s flexible manufacturing system and just in time manufacturing drives the manufacturing away from traditional methods. Computer integrated manufacturing allows us to integrate different manufacturing and designing technology and maintain a supreme quality, quantity and speed production and also gives a rapid response to change in design.

Despite of all the resources, industries are still struggling to install computer integrated manufacturing because of the hurdles they are facing. After developing for a while, computer integrated manufacturing now has a slow progress because the management see it as a technology rather than an integration of different technologies and human power to use computer for manufacturing.

For the success of computer integrated manufacturing we need a strong commitment from the top management. They should provide all the necessary time, money and resources need for computer integrated manufacturing installation.

Computer integrated manufacturing success also depends on the successful integration of technologies and for that careful planning is required. Little knowledge of technology, lack of infrastructure and not knowing your strength and weaknesses are the reason behind the delay in installation of computer integrated manufacturing. For the success of computer integrated manufacturing in an organization there must be flexibility in the organizational structural.

Designing of computer integrated manufacturing consist of three stages

(1) Analysis of present technology and organizational structure

(2) Design of manufacturing strategies, finding complexities of computer integrated manufacturing and advantages of using computer integrated manufacturing

(3) Implementation of computer integrated manufacturing by buying necessary modules, training staff and step by step integration.

For the success of computer integrated manufacturing in Pakistan we have visit and analyze the computer integrated manufacturing facilities and how the integration of different technologies is made and role of man power in computer integrated manufacturing.

To establish computer integrated manufacturing in Pakistan research laboratories have to be developed to do the research work on CAD/CAM, shop floor automation and automation of designing. Japan is no one in the world as far as computer integrated manufacturing is concern. Japanese companies like Toyota, Hitachi, Mistubishi etc are the world leading because of computer integrated manufacturing facilities they have.

For the success of computer integrated manufacturing in Pakistan, Scholars should be invited for lectures on computer integrated manufacturing from USA, Japan, China and Taiwan.  Exchange of literature and opening of societies like ASME is an important step toward success.

Computer integrated manufacturing is the compulsory thing for the survival in global market because it can give right information to right people at right time. Predicting about the future of computer integrated manufacturing and its related fields is difficult because we are living in technologically growing era. For a better future in the market computer integrated manufacturing has been proposed as a  necessary step.


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