Ceramic Material Powder Processing

Powder processing of ceramics is a particular ceramic manufacturing process which involves the three main steps 

1. Powder synthesis
2. Green product manufacturing 
3. Sintering the final product

Powder synthesis further involves four processes 

1. Crushing the large pieces 
2. Grinding the pieces in fine powder 
3. Separating the impurities from the powder 
4. Batching the exact amount of each element (which is need to mixed to make particular ceramic material)
5. Blending the different powders

Green product manufacturing is the manufacturing the part which you need from the blended powder of ceramic. The reason it called green is that it contain moisture in it because of the water of resin used to bind together the different powders. There are many processes by which green product can be manufactured some of them are as follow

1. tape casting 
2. Slip casting 
3. Extrusion 
4. Injection molding  
5. Cold or Hot compaction.

Green product after manufacturing came inside a dryer where its moisture is removed and it came out as dry product little smaller is size than the parent green product.

Sintering the final product is the process where the green product after drying is heated under control heater so that the oxides change chemically to produce the bonding after which the product will be ready to use.


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