Four Unique Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Continue with our work of wind turbine, in this post we will introduce you some unique small horizontal axis wind turbine made for domestic use.

Swift wind turbine

Swift wind turbine is small scale horizontal axis wind turbine with the design which can reduce the noise and also have the ability to install near or at home. Unlike other conventional horizontal which have three blades it have five blades and a ring that goes around them. Manufacturing company say the ‘’outer diffuser’’ can reduce the noise level to 35 decibels and also reduces vibration. It has a total of 7 foot diameter and two additional fins which can rotate the wind turbine in the direction of wind or shut it down it wind speed is too high.

The Windancer

The Windancer is a small scale horizontal axis wind turbine with high-efficiency, compact, noise-free design. Windancer is unique wind turbine with 8 blades and which is likely to have a lowest start up wind speed of 1 m/s (said Sharolyn Vettese, Inventor). It was selected from 769 projects submitted from 111 nations in  Energy Globe Award’s to win an award. The Windancer was acknowledged by the Energy Globe Award’s independent renewable energy panel for excellence in environmental protection and energy efficiency

Energy Ball

Energy Ball is the technology made for the small scale, decentralized energy generation. This turbine makes the shape of a puffed up flounder — with an orb of six blades and a fin to guide the orb towards the wind. This turbine work on Venturi effect to produce rotation of its blades, Venturi effect also helps it to make lower noise, increased efficiency, and energy generation at lower start speeds

The Sky Serpent

Twenty-Five Turbines in One

A California man has constructed a design that features twenty-five small turbines in lieu of the massive blades on a modern wind power plan.  he has 3kw of generation capacity. With comparatively very little formal education, Doug Seslam is running circles around some of the best engineers in the world. One day you may see strings of wind rotors stretching across the sky because of his incredible work.

Last Words!

So our wind turbine lovers that's was all about the unique small horizontal axis wind turbine. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it. If you think that we have missed some interesting information about this post, feel free to contact us and if you have some question about it, made them it comment box below....Take a lot care

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