Difference Between Carburetor and Fuel Injector

Carburetor and Fuel injector both are the devices used to make an air fuel mixture and provide it to engine. Output of both devices is same but the way in which it came is different. Following are the differences between carburetor and fuel injector.

Structural Difference

Structure of carburetor is totally different from fuel injector. Carburetor  an air inlet through an air filter, after that there is chock valve and after passing it air pass through a throat in which it mix with fuel and then there is a throttle valve after which air fuel mixture pass into engine. Construction of fuel injector consist of following things O-ring, filter, Electrical connector, Electrical Coil, Magnet, spring, O-ring, Valve and Pintle Cap

Device Category

Carburetor is a pure mechanical device where as Fuel injector could be pure mechanical or electrical device most of them are electrical now a days

Working Mechanism

Carburetor working mechanism involves the Venture effect taking place in a narrow section called throat of carburetor, where increase in the air speed result in a drop of pressure in the air flow. Due to which fuel is sucked out of a supply container through a small opening while whereas in electric control fuel injection, the air fuel mixture is prepared after electronic devices have made all calculation according to engine requirement

Diagnose of Problem

The complete electronic nature of the electric fuel injector allows problems to be diagnosed simply by connecting the ECU to a diagnostic device or a computer where as in carburetors a specific experience is required for maintenance and tuning because it has to be done manually.

Fuel Variation

Fuel Injector allow the engine to perform with various fuels, and the operation from the driver’s perspective is smooth and fast this property is completely absent in carburetor.

Efficiency and Emissions reducing

The fuel consumption can be optimized to suit the performance of the engine in fuel injectors, which increasing the efficiency and reducing the emissions where as in carburetor fuel consumption cannot be optimized because of its working phenomena