Timing Belt vs Timing Chain : 9 Points Difference

Timing chain is very much like a timing belt when we consider its working. But is totally different when we consider its design, material, life and other aspects. 

So for Timing Belt vs Timing Chain we have develop an article on comparison and different between timing chain and timing beltTiming belt and timing chain serve a similar purpose in an engine. But there are few factors that separate them as two different choices in the context of engine’s performance.

Timing Belt vs Timing Chain

Material Of Timing Chain and Timing Belt

Starting our timing chain vs timing belt from material of both. A timing belt is a toothed or grooved belt manufactured from high quality rubber whereas a timing chain is made of metallic material like steel specially alloy steel .

Operation In IC Engine

Timing belt is enclosed within a protective cover and runs outside of the engine whereas a timing chain runs inside the engine and needs to be lubricated continuously.

Types Of Timing belt & Timing Chain

Discussing type of each for a comprehensive timing belt vs timing chain. A Timing belts have different types depending upon the shape of their groove. Trapezoidal belts, curvilinear belts and modified curvilinear belts are the common types of timing belts.

From a wide variety of timing chain types roller type timing chain and silent type timing chain are the two most used types for IC engine.

Life In IC Engine

The working life of a timing belt is comparatively lesser than that of a timing chain. A timing belt is usually replaced after 60,000 and 100,000 miles whereas a timing chain needs to be replaced after 80000 to 120000 miles. 

Strength Of Timing Belt vs Timing Chain

Timing chain has higher strength and enhanced wear resistance as compared to the timing belts due to its material. Furthermore, timing chain is not easily susceptible to the physical changes with the change in working temperature or pressure etc. as compared to timing belt.

Preferred Vehicle Type

Timing chain is usually preferred in high mileage vehicles over timing belt due to its strength and longevity of its working life. Mostly, a timing chain will last the life equal to the life of the engine but in many cases it might need to be replaced. Furthermore, timing chain has comparatively lesser problems that develop it in over the time of its usage.

Performance Of Timing Chain vs Timing Belt

The timing chain has the ability to damp the vibrations being induced from the crankshaft and can be used in high power applications whereas timing belt can be efficiently used for low power applications.

Advantage Of Each One Over The Other
One of the major advantages of timing chain is that it does not slip during the transmission of power from camshaft to crankshaft but timing belt slippage is a common problem in timing belt drive. 

An advantage of timing belt over timing chain is that it does not need to be continuously lubricated and it has a silent operation. On the other hand, if the timing chain is not being lubricated appropriately, it will wear out quickly. The operation of the timing chain is a bit noisier than that of timing belt. 

Weight Of The System
The timing chains are heavy as they are made of metals as compared to timing belt which in turn decreases the fuel efficiency of the engine that utilize timing chain.

Last Words For Our Readers

That all for our 9 point work on Timing belt vs Timing Chain. We have tried to deliver best and discuss each and every point that relate timing chain vs timing belt. 

If you thing we have missed any point we mention it in comment or contact us via contact form. We will be happy to hear from you and will publish the modification with your name and profile link.

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