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U Tube Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat Recovery

Heat exchanger is a simple device used to transfer heat from source of high potential (hot fluid) to the sink of low potential (cold fluid) separated by the metal body. The exchange of heat from the high potential to low potential is done using the laws of thermodynamics and theory of heat and mass transfer ( Irfan 2013) . The exchange of heat between fluids happened without the transfer of mass so the system of the heat exchanger is a close system where only heat and energy is transfer between systems and no mass is transfer between systems. Working of a heat exchanger is very simple as it completes in three simple steps ( T.D Eastop, 1993) . The first step is when metal which separate the hot fluid from cold fluid absorb the heat from hot fluid during its contact with hot fluid. Second step is when heat from one side of metal plate is transferred to other side of the metal plate. Third step is when heat from cold fluid side of the plate is transferred to the cold fluid during its con

Understanding the Spiral Heat Exchanger and its Finite Element Analysis

Spiral heat exchanger is a unique type of heat exchanger where two or more metal plates are rolled together into a spiral with some gap between plates. The spiral of two or more plates with gap between them creates two or more channel which enables the flow of two different fluids in heat exchanger (Vendat 2000). The spiral gives this type of heat exchanger a greater surface area to exchange heat between fluids at very compact and small space. This feature of spiral heat exchanger increases the overall thermal conductivity of the heat exchanger (Metta, Konijeti et al. 2018).    Figure 4 spiral heat exchanger (Metta, Konijeti, 2018) Types of Spiral heat Exchanger There two main types of spiral heat exchanger where one is based on the number of channels a spiral heat exchanger has and other is based on the direction of flow of fluid in the channels (Vendat 2000). In the first type there can single channel spiral heat exchanger where there is one channel for each fluid to flow and then th