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Study the flow of compressible fluids in a Pipe Lab Report

"Study the flow of compressible fluids” Aim of this study is to understand the flow behavior compressible fluid when they are made to flow under different conditions like different initial velocity or flow inside pipe of different diameters 1.   Understanding the flow of fluid In order to study the flow of compressible fluids it is important to first understand the basic about the flow of fluid.  This may include information about what fluid is, what are its types, what are different types of flow in which a fluid can flow. 2.   Numerical analysis to predict the flow behaviour Numerical analysis is done in engineering in order to predict the behavior of things when certain condition is applied on them.  For this task this may include the computational fluid dynamics to predict the type of flow in fluid when it moves inside the pipe. 3.   Experiment of air flowing through a pipe An experiment will be performed to study the flow of air inside a pipe. Experiment will consist of t