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Flow of a Compressible Fluid Lab Report

Aim of this lab work is to understand the flow of a compressible fluid inside a tube Following are some of the objectives which will lead to completion of above mention aim 1. Study the basic fluids, types of fluids and types of flow of fluid  2. Perform the numerical analysis to predict the flow of fluid in smooth pipe  3. Perform experiment of air flowing in smooth pipe 4. Calculate the Reynold number, friction factor and head losses in experiment 5. Compare the experimental result with calculated and numerical analysis Introduction on Flow of a Compressible Fluid Fluid is anything which can flow between points of high potential to the point of low potential is called fluid. Ability of the fluid to flow is called its fluidity of fluid and it depends on the viscosity of the fluid.  Viscosity of the fluid is much like the density of the solid and it define the weight of the fluid per cubic meter. Higher the viscosity of fluid is higher will its weight per cubic meter and l