Five Dangers Associated With The Air Compressors

Following are the five dangers associated with the air compressors
  • Rupture
  • Oil Leaks
  • Foreign Particles
  • Overheating
  • Part failure


One of the biggest dangers associated with the air compressors is the rupture of the air compressor under high pressure. Air compressors are made of heavy metals sheets and when air compressors will blast then it will break into small pieces of metal. Each one they will be able to kill any person which came under its range. 

Oil Leak

Lubrication is used to run the different parts of compressor smoothly but when proper care is not taken then this oil can leak into the compressor. If the compressor is being used in any workshop where fire or torch is being used then this oil leakage can very dangerous as it can cause explosion in the case both came in contact.

Foreign Particles

Any kind of unwanted particles which can go inside the compressor are very dangerous for the compressors and people working near the compressors. Foreign particles can cause explosion if they are flame able and came in contact with fire or they can block the outlet of compressor thus causing explosion due to high pressure.


Filling the compressor with any gas under high pressure cause increase in temperature of the compressor and gas it is known that metal and gasses expand on heating. So of temperature of compressor increase more than it can handle the it can compressor failure which can cause fire at work place.

Part failure

In the case when proper maintenance is not done then ay part of the compressor can fail under ay condition. Part failure can be extremely dangerous for the worker working nearby because air in air compressor is at such a high pressure that its thin stream can create a hole in human body or can damage any sensitive part like eyes or ears