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Laminar and Turbulent Pipe Flow Lab Report

Following are two objectives of this experiment 1.To compare the Reynolds Number and Darcy Friction coefficient 2.To compare the theoretical and experimental friction head losses in pipe flow Apparatus for  laminar flow and turbulent flow g 1.Smooth small diameter pipe 2.Water and mercury manometers 3.Flow rate measuring devices 4.Water 5.Thermometer Procedure to check  laminar flow and turbulent flow 1.First step is to setup the apparatus for experiment and check that weather the pipe is in perfect horizontal condition, check the flowrate it should be zero, check the difference in manometer readings it should be zero as well.  2.Open the apparatus motor and adjust the flow rate of water. Note the volumetric flow rate of water using flow meter device 3.Note the reading of manometer and note the temperature of water 4.Calculate the Reynolds number and Darcy Friction Coefficient and compare the result 5.Note and Calculate the friction head losses and compare both results  Study the