Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Fluid Flow Measuring Devices

Following are some of the fluid flow measuring devices which are available for the flow rate measurement. 
  • Orifice Plate
  • Venture Tube
  • Flow Nozzles
  • Variable Area

Orifice Plate
•Orifice plate is very simplest instrument available which is also very easy to install and remove
•Have high pressure recover efficiency of 65 percent
•Have the ability of measure flow rate over a wide rage
•Cost effective

•It only support those fluid that are homogeneous is nature
•It work under a limited viscosity of fluid
•Accuracy of orifice plate depends on fluid density, viscosity and pressure
•Working limited to horizontal applications

Venture meter 
Offer horizontal, vertical and inclined flow measurement
Perfect working behavior prediction
Very high pressure recovery efficiency of 90 %
Highly accurate for a wide range of flow rates

•Required more space for installation as they have large is size due to their working method
•Have high initial cost 
•Difficult to install and remove
•Have limitation of minimum pipe diameter of 7.5 cm

Flow Nozzle

•Small in size as compared to venture meter
•Easy to install and remove
•Cost effective
•Discharge coefficient of flow nozzle is high

•Pressure recovery efficiency is low
•High maintenance cost
•Required more area as compared to orifice plate

Variable area

•Offers constant drop in pressure over the length of tube
•Simple construction
•Easy to install and maintain
•Work perfectly for liquid and gas

•Work only in vertical direction
•Transparent material is required for construction
•High pressure loss
•Limited rage for fluid viscosity

Four different types of flow meters has been present above with their advantages and disadvantages and according to those venture meter is the best choice for the flow meter as it has highest value of pressure recovery efficiency, offer flow rate measurement I any direction and can work I wide range of flow rate. It has high cost and difficulty in installation but that’s one time work. 

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