Locomotive boiler Parts, Working and Applications

They are the horizontal boiler and belong from the fire tube class of boilers. Locomotives boiler are divided into three main parts smoke box, shell box and fire box.

Parts of locomotive boilers

  • Grate
  • Damper
  • Ash pit
  • Fire box
  • Fire hole
  • Fire brick arch
  • Fusible plug
  • Operating rod
  • Steam whistle
  • Safety valve
  • Regulator
  • Barrel
  • Super heating tube
  • Steam pipe
  • Steam header
  • Smoke box
  • Blast pipe
  • Super heated steam out let
  • Chimney
  • Door

Locomotive boiler . jpge
Locomotive boiler

Working of locomotive boiler

Fuel is place on the grate where it is burned to produce the hot gases. Fire hole is used to feed the fuel. Hot gases which are produce as a result of fuel burning are diverted into fire tube with the help of fire brick arch. 

Steam produce is collected is the steam drum place at the top of the shell. As shown the wet steam goes through inlet headers of super heater and after passing through tubes, it returns to the outlet header of super heater and is taken out for steam engine. 

For the cleaning and maintenance of the complete boiler a door is provided at the side of the smoke box. Chimney is completely eliminated in locomotive boilers because they are always in motion

Application of locomotive boilers

Locomotive boilers are used to give power in following machinery
  • Steam railway engine
  • Marine steam engine
These boilers were invented for getting steam to run a steam engine used in locomotives.


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