Direct dry steam geothermal power plant

Oldest type of the geothermal power plant which uses the steam taken directly from the geothermal source it is the simplest and the most efficient type of geothermal power plant

Parts of direct dry steam geothermal power plant

Geothermal vent

Geothermal vent is a well drilled from the surface of the earth to the geothermal source to extract the steam energy from their up to the turbine of the geothermal power plant.

Steam tank

Steam from the geothermal source is first introduce into the tank where hot water is converted into the steam therefor it is also called steam tank


After the steam tank there is a separator which removes all the unwanted particles from the steam which could damage the turbine.


After the separator steam strike the turbine which convert the pressure energy into the kinetic energy of the generator


Rotation energy transfer by the turbine to the generator is used by the generator to produce the electricity.


Steam after passing through the turbine is transfer to the condenser where it is cooled and then return to the core of the earth.

Working of the direct dry steam geothermal power plant

A deep well is drilled into the earth up to the geothermal source. Super-heated water moves up through the pipes into the tank where water is converted into the steam and that steam is then passes through the separator and moves toward the turbine where high pressure of the steam is converted in to rotation motion of the turbine by the blades of the turbine. Turbine is connected to the generator which converts the rotation motion into the electricity.

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