Tidal Stream Generator

Tidal steam generator is a type of tidal power plant which uses the kinetic energy of the running stream of water to produce the electricity. They are just like wind turbine in their structure and working, the only difference is the place of their working. Tidal stream generator are much more efficient than the wind turbine because of the fact that water is 800 times more than the wind.

Types of turbine in tidal stream generator

Horizontal axis tidal stream turbine

In this type of tidal stream turbine rotation axis of blades is parallel to the direction of water stream flow. Because all three blades rotate at a time so there rapid rotation and low torque make then ahead all other types of turbine.

Vertical axis tidal stream turbine

Axis of rotation in this type is perpendicular to the direction of flow of water stream. Their biggest advantages is that they can produce electricity in any direction of stream flow but their disadvantages is that their one blades always appose the rotation of the turbine.

Reciprocating devices (oscillating hydrofoils) 

In this type blades instead of rotating, oscillate up and down due to the lift created when water flow over and beneath the blade of the turbine

Venturi effect tidal devices

Duct section concentrate the flow from a larger area to a smaller area due to which velocity increase and thus smaller turbine as compared to normal horizontal axis turbine can be used to produce the electricity

Parts of tidal stream generator

Parts of tidal stream generator is much like wind turbine but all parts are packed in a water proof nacelle 

  • Hub
  • Blades
  • Shaft
  • Gears
  • Nacelle
  • Tower
  • Base

Working of tidal stream generator

Working of Tidal stream generator is just like the wind turbine. Fasting moving water particle have kinetic energy which is converted in the rotation motion of the blades. Blades transfer their rotation to the shaft. Gear box increase the rotation motion before it is transfer to the generator to produce the electricity

Advantages of tidal stream generator

  • No visual effects
  • Much safer than wind turbine and efficient as well
  • They can be installed in already build structures present in the stream path.
  • As there is no need of building the barrage so they are much cost effective than other types of tidal power production methods.

Disadvantages of tidal stream generator

  • They are less efficient as compared to other types of tidal wave production methods.
  • Their effect on marine life is still unknown


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