Difference between Onshore and Offshore wind turbine

Wind speed

On shore wind turbine are design for the moderate wind turbine and offshore wind turbine are design for higher wind speed

Limitation of the area

Because of the fact the wind turbine can cause damages to human life that’s why there is limitation of are in onshore case but no limitation of are in offshore as there is no human life near by

Visual impact

Because of their interact with human onshore wind turbine have a bad visual impact but offshore wind turbine have zero visual impact because they are installed far away in the ocean

Acoustic noise

Both types produce the noise but noise of onshore wind turbine cause problem for the nearby human but noise of offshore wind turbine causes no problem to humans


Because of the moisture available in the area of the installation onshore wind turbines have very low erosion in them but offshore wind turbine has very high erosion effect on them

Capital cost

Because of the ease in installation, transportation and other facts capital cost of onshore wind turbine have lower that of offshore wind turbine

Maintenance cost

Because of easy transportation, low erosion and moderate wind speed maintenance cost of onshore wind turbine is low as compared to the offshore wind turbine

Energy production

Energy production of both types is satisfactory but due to easy grid connection onshore wind turbines have good energy production but due to highly available wind energy production of offshore wind turbine is better


Wind turbines have huge parts, transporting them and assembling them is a great task. On shore wind turbine have convenient accessibility whereas it is difficult to access offshore wind turbine


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  2. A good comparison given between on-shore and off-shore wind turbines

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