Centrifugal pump is one which uses the centrifugal force to pump up the fluid to a certain head. Following are the basic classification of centrifugal pump: 

1. Type of casing:

According to the type of casing centrifugal pump have two basic types

1. Volute casing
In order to increase the pressure head, the velocity of fluid is decrease. It is done by gradually increasing the area of the casing from the impeller out let

2. Vortex Casing
If a circular chamber known as vortex is introduce between the impeller and chamber then the casing is called vortex casing . Its main function is to convert the kinetic energy into pressure energy

2. Working head: 

Each pump can pump up a fluid to a certain height so following are the types of centrifugal pump according to the working head

1. Low lift centrifugal pump   
2. Medium lift centrifugal pumps
3. High lift centrifugal pumps

Low lift centrifugal pump are capable of working against heads up to 15 m. Medium lift centrifugal pump are basically used against the heads as high as 40 m and High lift centrifugal pumps are used to deliver liquids at heads above 40 m.

3. Liquid handled: 

According to the type of liquid pumped centrifugal pump is classified into three types

Pure liquid
When pure liquid is to pumped the centrifugal pump with the closed impeller are used because they have better guidance and high efficiency

Little impure liquid
When liquid have a little impurity then centrifugal pump with semi open impeller are used

Liquid with solid matter
When sewage, paper pulp, water containing sand or grit is to be pumped then pump with open impeller is used.

4. Number of impellers per shaft: 

There are various numbers of impeller that can be diploid on the shaft of a pump and following are the classification based on the number of pumps

1. Single stage centrifugal pump
Single stage centrifugal pump is one which has only one impeller attached to the shaft. they are used in place where low head and low discharge rate is required

2. Multi-stage centrifugal pump
 Multi-stage centrifugal pump is one which has more then one impeller attached to a single shaft. they are used in place where high head and high discharge is required

5. Number of entrances to the impeller:

Usually it is consider that pump have only one entrance and one leaving point but there could be more than one and following is classification base upon number of entrances a pump have

1. Single entry or single suction pump
2. Double entry or double suction pump
Single entry also called single suction pump is one in which water is admitted on one side of the impeller. Double entry or you can say double suction pump is one in which water is admitted on both sides of the impeller; axial thrust is neutralized. They are usually employed for pumping large quantities of fluid.

6. Relative direction of flow through impeller:

Depending upon the direction of the liquid flow centrifugal pump can be classified as follow

1. Radial flow pump
2. Axial flow pump
3. Mixed flow pump
Radial flow pump are one in which regular radial flow impellers are used. Axial flow pump are one in which designed to deliver low head but huge quantity of water. Mixed flow pump are mostly used for irrigation purpose

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