Jun 14, 2014

Advantages of Centrifugal pump over Displacement (Reciprocating) pump

There are two main types to pumps available 
1. Centrifugal pump
2. Reciprocating pump

The centrifugal pump claims to have following advantages over positive displacement also called reciprocating pump

1. Because of fewer parts centrifugal pump have less cost than reciprocating pump

2. Also because of fewer parts installation and maintenance are easier and cheaper as compared to reciprocating pump

3. Centrifugal pump have much greater discharging capacity than reciprocating pump

4. Centrifugal pump is compact and small in size and have less weight for the same capacity and energy transfer as compared to reciprocating pump

5. Centrifugal pump performance  characteristics are superior as compared to reciprocating pump

6. Centrifugal pump can be used for lifting highly viscous liquid such as paper pulp, muddy and sewage water sugar molasses and oil but reciprocating pump cannot do that

7. Centrifugal pump can be used at high speed without the danger of separation and cavitation whereas reciprocating pump has a danger of separation and cavitation

8. Centrifugal pump can be directly coupled to an oil engine or electric motor whereas reciprocating pump lack this property

9. The torque on the power source is uniform, the output from the pump is also uniform

However, the reciprocating pump have higher efficiency and that's why they are still employed for uniform heads and small discharges. A reciprocating pump has the ability to producing very high pressure and so that’s why they are used for lifting oils from very deep oil wells. 

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