Difference Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive Mechanism in Power Transfer

Chain drive and belt drive mechanisms are two main mechanisms to transfer power and rotational motion. 

Both belt drive and chain drive mechanism have their own advantages and disadvantages and particular applications.

We have developed a comprehensive comparison between chain drive and belt drive. 

This make it easy to know the difference between chain drive and belt drive mechanism in power transfer.

Chain drive vs Belt Drive
Chain drive vs Belt Drive

Difference between materials of belt and chain

Looking at the material form which chain drive and belt drive mechanism are made. 

A chain drive mechanism is made of metallic alloys like alloy steel while the belt drive mechanism is made up of polymers material. 

Comparing working conditions for chain and belt drive

Talking about the working conditions, chain drive can work in high temperature and in moist conditions whereas belt drive need dry condition for proper working.

Efficiency comparison of belt drive and chain drive

Because of the slippage efficiency of the belts drive is very less as compared to that of chain drive. 

Chain drive does not slip at all and this make them high efficient in power transfer.

Different between noise produce by belt drive and chain drive 

Because of the metal to metal contact in chain drives, they very are noisy but in belt derive as there is no metal to metal contact so no noisey.

Belt drive the quietest mechanism as far as power transferring mechanism like gears, chains are considered. 

Comparing load bearing capacity of chain drive and belt drive

Specialty of Chain drive is that it can operate under high loads while belt drives specialty is that it can operate under high speed. 

Chain drive mechanism cannot work at very high speed rather they are design to resist high torque. 

Opposite to that belt drive mechanism are designed to work for high speed applications with low torque rating.

Difference between cost effectiveness of belt and chain drive mechanism

Chain drive have high initial cost and also need lubrication with time but last long that belt. 

On the other hand belt drive have low initial cost but it wear soon so need to repair  regularly. Belt drive do not need lubrication.


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