Difference Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive

Manufacturing Materials

Looking at the material form which both are made of let us know that chain are made of alloys while the belt are made up of polymers

Working conditions

Talking about the working condition chain drive can work in high temperature and moist conditions where as belt drive need dry condition to work properly 


Because of the slippage efficiency of the belts drive is very less as compared to that of chain drive


Because of the metal to metal contact in chain drives they very are noisy but in belt derive no metal to metal contact so no noise at all


Speciality of Chain drive is that it can operate under high loads while belt drives Speciality is that it can operate under high speed conditions.

Cost effectiveness 

Chain drive have high initial cost and also need lubrication with time but last long that belt. On the other hand belt drive have low initial cost but it wear soon so need to repair  regularly. Belt drive do not need lubrication

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