Advantages and Disadvantages of Centrifugal Pumps

Like every thing else centrifugal pump has their own advantages and disadvantages and they are as follow

Advantages of centrifugal pump

  • As there is no drive seal so there is no leakage in pump
  • It can pump hazardous liquids
  • There are very less frictional losses
  • There in almost no noise
  • Pump has almost have 100 efficiency
  • Centrifugal pump have minimum wear with respect to others
  • There is a gap between pump chamber and motor, so there is no heat transfer between them
  • Because of the gap between pump chamber and motor, water cannot enter into motor
  • Centrifugal pump use magnetic coupling which breakup on high load eliminating the risk of damaging the motor

Disadvantages of centrifugal pump

  • Because of the magnetic resistance there is some energy losses
  • Unexpected heavy load may cause the coupling to slip
  • ferrous particles in liquid are problematic when you are using magnetic drive. This is because particle collect at impeller and cause the stoppage of pump after some time

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