Expanded Polystyrene Process

Expanded Polystyrene Process is one which uses the pattern made of polystyrene. Polystyrene is melted away when hot molten metal is poured in it

Steps involves in the Expanded Polystyrene Process

Step 1

A pattern is made from the polystyrene and then refractory material is sprayed on it 

Step 2

Pattern is then placed in a box and sand in compact around the pattern for the support

Step 3

Hot molten metal is then poured into the pattern through the sprue. As the metal moves down polystyrene is vaporized away and thus allow the metal to move further into the mold

Advantages of Expanded Polystyrene Process

  • No need to remove the patter
  • Easy to make the mold

Disadvantages Expanded Polystyrene Process

  • New pattern have to made every time
  • Expansive than other
  • Take more time in mold making as new  mold is needed every time

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