Manufacturing Processes

Taking about the Manufacturing Operation They are classified into Two basic types
  • Processing operations
  • Assembly operations

1. Processing operations - transform a work material from one state of completion to a more advanced state Operations that change the geometry, properties, or appearance of the starting material

2. Assembly operations - join two or more components in order to create a new entity

Processing Process

Alters a work part's shape, physical properties, or appearance in order to add value to the material

Three categories of processing operations:

1. Shaping operations - alter the geometry of the starting work material

2. Property-enhancing operations – improve physical properties of the material without changing its shape

3. Surface processing operations - performed to

clean, treat, coat, or deposit material onto the exterior surface of the work

Shaping Process

Shaping in manufacturing is done by following four ways

1. Solidification processes - starting material is a heated liquid or semifluid that solidifies to form part geometry. Examples are casting of metals and molding of plastics

2. Particulate processing - starting material is a powder, and the powders are formed into desired geometry and then sintered to harden

3. Deformation processes - starting material is a ductile solid (commonly metal) that is deformed

4. Material removal processes - starting material is a solid (ductile or brittle), from which material is removed so resulting part has desired geometry

Property Enhancing Process

Property-Enhancing Processes is performed to improve mechanical or physical properties of the work material. Part shape is not altered, except unintentionally

Examples: Heat treatment of metals and glasses. Sintering of powdered metals and ceramics

Surface Processing 

1. Cleaning - chemical and mechanical processes to remove dirt, oil, and other contaminants from the surface

2. Surface treatments - mechanical working such as sand blasting, and physical processes like diffusion

3. Coating and thin film deposition - coating exterior surface of the work part.

Several surface processing operations used to fabricate integrated circuits

Assembly Operation

Two or more separate parts are joined to form a new entity

 Assembly operation in manufacturing process is classified as

1. Joining processes – create a permanent joint.
 Examples: welding, brazing, soldering, and adhesive bonding

2. Mechanical assembly –fastening by mechanical methods
Examples: use of screws, bolts, nuts, other threaded fasteners; press fitting, expansion fits

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