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What is an Engine Air Filter : Complete Beginner Guide

An internal combustion engine needs air and fuel in proper proportions known as stoichiometric ratios, to carry out the combustion process which generates the required amount of energy to drive the vehicle from one place to another.  The overall efficiency of an engine is strongly dependent on how the combustion is taking place and the quality and quantity of air defines the quality of combustion. Engine must be supplied with clean and sufficient air for proper combustion.  This is where the engine air filter plays a vital role in providing clean air for combustion. To know your car best you should know what is an engine air filter? What does engine air filter do? its types, location and how often to change it. Engine air filter What is an Engine Air Filter? An engine air filter is an important part of an engine that restricts the entry of dust and debris into the engine cylinder where the combustion takes place. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be made of different materi

How to Clean a Cabin Air Filter

A cabin air filter like an engine filter is responsible to restrict the entry of several pollutants such as dust particles, allergens, and pollen particles into the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of a vehicle to ensure the health and safety of passengers. Therefore, a cabin air filter must stay clean  Like any other part of a machine, the performance of a cabin air filter deteriorates over time of its usage. This happens because pollutants and other debris get clogged up in the pores of a cabin air filter.  Hence, if a filter is not clean it must be replaced or in some cases can be cleaned and reused to let the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of a vehicle operate at their peak ability. We will discuss the chances of reusing a cabin air filter, How to inspect cabin air filter, and how to clean a cabin air filter in this article. Can we reuse a cabin air filter? A cabin air filter is a very important part or component of the heating ventilation and

How Often to Change Cabin Air Filter (with location and Procedure)

Like other parts of an engine or a running machinery, a cabin air filter also gets old with time and efficiency of its working reduces over the span of its usage.  The replacement of the air filter is usually contingent with the mileage of the vehicle but the e fficiency of the cabin air filter is also dependent upon the external environment .  If the outside environment is more dusty or sandy, the cabin air filter will get old quickly. Hence, to increase the efficiency of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of a vehicle and to avoid any damages to the system, replacing the cabin air filter is quite imperative. How Often to Change Cabin Air Filter A cabin air filter should be changed for every 12000 miles or after one year period. There are different types of cabin air filters based on their material, design and usage. Their expected useful life can vary. So it's better to inspect your cabin air filter for every 3000 miles or 3 months. There are two main types of

Bad Cabin Air Filter Symptom

A cabin air filter is designed to prevent unhealthy and harmful bacteria or particles from entering the vehicle’s passenger cabin.  A new or properly cleaned cabin air filter only allows fresh air molecules to enter the heating and air conditioning system of an automobile which keeps the inside environment of a vehicle safe and healthy for passengers. But with time, the cabin air filter gets old and its performance deteriorates.  Therefore, a cabin air filter must be replaced or cleaned periodically to achieve the purpose for which it has been designed. There are a few bad cabin air filter symptom  associated with an old or poorly performing cabin air filter which are given below and have been discussed in detail one by one. Bad Cabin Air Filter Symptom Following is comprehensive list of Bad Cabin Air Filter Symptoms Reduced airflow from the HVAC system Strange odors inside the vehicle Dust and debris blowing into the cabin Poor defrost performance Increase in allergens and irritants

What is a Cabin Air Filter (working, location & cost)

Everyone like to have a clean, fresh and odorless air in their car cabin. It always feel good to sit in car cabin that just feel fresh and pleasent. This is only possible if you have a functional cabin air filter . If you does not have much information about this then this is for you. This is a complete beginner guide on cabin air filter explaining What is a cabin air filter? what does a cabin air filter do? location cabin air filter and cost of cabin air filter. What is a Cabin Air Filter? As the name indicates that cabin air filter is an air filter which is installed in vehicles to block the entry of pollutants and other contaminants from the environment into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of your car.  Air filters are made up with a wide variety of materials that vary from application to application. Aluminum, paper, foam, carbon, steel, fiberglass or plastic etc. can be used in the making of an air filter.  Air filters are usually categorized into two types.