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Organic Rankine Cycle and Vehicle Energy Recovery System

Increase in human population and rapid industrialization has increased the burden on already limited natural resources of energy production like fossil fuel. Industrial process wastes a lot of energy which can be extracted and used to meet human need.  Organic Rankine Cycle  ORC is one of the processes which can be operated even on low waste energy.  Organic Rankine Cycle  ORC are also being installed in vehicles to extract waste heat from radiator and on diesel engine exhaust. Fluids for  Organic Rankine Cycle  ORC either refrigerant or any organic fluid which is selected on basic of ISO 817:2014/AMD 1:2017, ISO 17584:2005 and ISO 11650:1999 standards. Introduction Today’s world has a never ending demand of energy due to continuous increase in the world population, rapid industrialization and highly dependence of humans of electrical and thermal devices to meet day to day needs. This never ending demand of the energy has forced the maximum utilization of the limited natural resource f