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Selective Lase Melting, Laser Metal Deposition and Bounded Metal Deposition, a comprehensive comparison

Rick asks you which of the three possible metal AM processes would be best for the part: Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Laser Metals Deposition (LMD), or a recently developed process called Bound Metal Deposition (BDM) by a company called Desktop Metal. The new design of bracket can be manufactured by any additive manufacturing process, but the material limitation has limited it to just three of the below mention process. Now best of them has to be recommended based on how it will manufactured product means pre-processing, processing and post processing. Other than this the process will also be evaluated on working principal/pattern and what advantages and limitations they have in processing the new design of bracket. 1. Selective laser melting SLM 2. Laser Metal Deposition 3. Bound Metal Deposition Working Selective laser melting will manufactured the bracket in two simple steps, first a layer of powder is spread on the machine table and then a laser will print a 2D shape of pro

3D printing and traditional supply chain

Additive Manufacturing AM also know as 3D Printing innovation may have an innovative effect on the current supply chain set-up.  The innovation has the ability to reduce the need for heavy-volume manufacturing facilities as well as low-level assembling staff, while dramatically lowering supply chain costs. We can 3D print on sale in terms of effects on stock and logistical support.  3D printing ensures that we no longer need to keep the produced goods packed on the shelf or stored in depots.  We often produce the required product anytime we need it. Conclusively, this brings down the supply chain to its smallest bits, bringing improved efficiency to the network.  These efficiency gains span the whole supply chain, from manufacturing costs to production, storage and to the part itself. Thus reducing waste, optimizing flexibility, and enhancing production run hours. 3D Printing and Traditional Supply Chain Relation The conventional supply chain paradigm is centered on existing market l