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Deflection Calculation of Beam

Introduction Beam is the basic support to any structure which includes building, bridges and vehicles like cars, boats and airplanes. Beam provides strength to structure by taking the entire load applied on structure. Load applied can be either due to the weight of the structure or the working load applied during operation/working of vehicle [1]. There are several types of beam available based on the types of the supports available to beam and shape of the beam. Based to type of support there are three types available which include fixed ends, pined ends and roller ends. Based on the types of shape there are three basic types which include square beam, rectangular beam and I beam [2]. Beam in the simplest form are called the simply supported beam which have two support present at both ends on beam. When load is applied on beam, it produces moment in mean which try to rotate beam around its supports[3]. Due to the reaction of beam shear force is produce in beam which is perpendic