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Heat Exchangers and Their Three Basic Types

Heat Exchanger Heat exchanger is a device which is used to transfer heat from one solid body to any other solid body or transfer heat between fluid and solid body. Heat may transfer through any method of heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation) and using the second law of thermodynamic the direction of heat transfer can be predicted very easily (J.P. Holman, 2010) . There are many different types of heat exchanger that can be used for heat transfer and they are as follow ( Frank Kreith, 2011) . 1.       Recuperators 2.       Regenerators 3.       Direct Contact Exchanger Recuperators According to Frank Kreith (2011) recuperators are those heat exchanger in which cold and hot fluids are in separate tubes. Heat from hot fluid first transfer from fluid to tube walls through convection, then from one side of tube to other side of tube through conduction and then from outer side of tube to the cold fluid through convection. Recuperators type heat exchanger