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Experiment to Study the Different Gas Laws

Aim Aim of this experiment is to study the different gas laws Objectives 1. Study and verify the Boyle’s and Gay Lussac gas laws associated with ideal gasses. 2. Study the isothermal and isochoric process Theory According to the definition a perfect ideal gas is one which does not have any volume, whose particles does not attack or repeal each other and there collision of these gasses is perfectly elastic. Ideal gasses are all those gasses that follow the gas laws in perfect manner. Isothermal process Isothermal process is one which follows the Boyle’s law and in this process gas is compressed or expanded at a constant temperature. For any ideal gas the produce of PV should be kept constant. PV=C Isochoric process Isochoric process is one in which follows the Gay Lussac law and in this process gas is heated and cooled at a constant volume. For any perfect gas the ratio of pressure with temperature should remain constant at all stages.  P/T=C