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Torsional Testing of Materials, Mechanics of Material Lab Report

1.1 Aim of  torsion test lab report Torsional Testing of Brass, Steel and Aluminum 1.2 Objective  Learn the basics of torsion test theory Learn and practices the principle of torsion testing, Find the maximum shear strain, shear stress and modulus of rigidity Establish the relationship degree of rotation and torque applied for the material under observation Understand the differences between material properties of different material Able to select material for different engineering components which are under torsion 2.0 Theory   for torsion test lab report 2.1 Basic Torsion Theory R.S. Khurmi & J.K. Gupta (2005) stated that Ii many engineering applications engineering components are subjected to torsion. So it is compulsory for an engineer to understand the basics of torsion theory and learn how a material of engineering component will act under torsion stresses. (pg 120-121) R.S. Khurmi & J.K. Gupta (2005) stated when an engineering component is subjected to