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Manufacturing from Solid, CNC Milling

Manufacturing of part using CNC milling machine starts with making a completed 2D and 3D drawings of the part which is need to make the CNC code. CNC code for part contains the path of tool which depends on part geometry, feed rate and cutter rotation speed. Types of milling cutter used in part manufacturing depend on the initial condition of raw material provided; part mounting method and construction of cutter.

Resin Transfer Molding Processes

For the composite material like carbon fiber composite, resin transfer molding process can be used quite effectively for the production of composite product. Resign transfer molding process consist of following steps 1.       Placing the carbon fiber preform in mold 2.       Closed mold is heated under low pressure 3.       Resin is transfer into mold under pressure 4.       Mold is left for curing 5.       Finished product is ejected from the mold