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First Angle vs Third Angle

Collection of 2D drawings which enables you to have a complete representation of an object is called orthographic projection. Collection of 2D drawings consist of six orthographic views (Top, Bottom, Right, Left, Front and Back view) also called as six principle views.  From these six orthographic views front, right side and top view are most commonly used to represent the orthographic projection of an object. For getting the orthographic views from a 3D object there are two main types of projections used one is First angle projection and other is Third angle projection.  Main objective of both of these projections angle is to provide detail 2D drawings of 3D object but there are some differences in the way one can get the projects by using one on these methods. Following is a comparison of first angle vs third angle and a comprehensive differences between First angle and third angle projection. Quadrant (first angle vs third angle) To start getting projection first divides the plane