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Study of a cooling system for draught drinks

This is a brief review written by us of above mention article taken from   Introduction Draught drinks cooling system can be found in bars, restaurants and clubs etc which work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The basic draught drinks cooling system consist of two sub systems one is refrigeration subsystem and other is drink subsystem. The refrigeration subsystem consist of compressor, condenser, condenser fan, filter, expansion valve( capillary tube), internal heat exchanger and evaporator while drink subsystem consist of beverage coil,  column and tap. Other than this system has a tank having water in it. Evaporator and beverage coil both are also placed in the tank. Working During working evaporator absorb heat from water and drop its temperature to 0 degree C this water absorb heat from the beverage in beverage coil and drops its temperature to 3 degree C. Beverage in the column and tap is exposed to ambient temperature where its temper