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What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Today our post is about a dvantages and disadvantages of vertical axis wind turbine . Vertical axis wind turbine are one whose axis of rotation is vertical with respect to ground.  From the several Vertical axis wind turbine advantages and disadvantages we have discus few of them that are common in all types of vertical axis wind turbine. what are some advantages of a vertical axis wind turbine Following are some of the advantages of vertical axis wind turbine They can produce electricity in any wind direction Strong supporting tower in not needed because generator, gearbox and other components are placed on the ground Low production cost as compared to horizontal axis wind turbine As there is no need of pointing turbine in wind direction to be efficient so yaw drive and pitch mechanism is not needed Easy installation as compared to other wind turbine Easy to transport from one place to other Low maintenance cost They can be install in urban area Low risk for human and birds because b