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December 2016

1. Working Process

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates physical objects from digital design. In 3DP layer of powder is deposited automatically in the tray. Then print head applies resin to power layer and it dries almost immediately. When the layer dried another layer will be added to finish the model. The working principle of SLM differs from 3DP and it works on the principle of melting. Powder heated and melted and forms pool of liquid where its phase changes from liquid to solid by reforming and hardening. The final part wont porous, thereby it can be used for wide range of applications.

1. Working Process

3D printing creates physical objects from digital design. The material used is power which is located in a build chamber. A printing head deposits liquid binder on to powder, thus it bonded together and forms layer. The build platform is lowered down an amount equal to the layer created. This process repeated to complete the 3D part. SLS principle completely differs from 3DP and works based on sintering principle. The powder material is heated and bonded together by fusion and forms layer. Heat source for sintering process is generated by laser. A Cad model imported to SLS system and completed layer by layer.

1. Working Process

SLM works on the principle of melting. The working is same as SLS where as the power is melted instead of sintering. Melting actually creates a pool where the materials can consolidate before reforming and hardening to create new solid structure. The final part won’t be porous, thereby making it suitable for a greater range of applications. In SLM, powdered material is melted, whereas in SLS the powder is heated below its melting point (sintering). When laser heats the powder material to below melting point, it forms solid by fusion. The working principle is almost same in both printing method.

1. Working Process

FDM is an additive manufacturing technology, works on the principle of sintering. The plastic polymer is feeded to a heated nozzle, which will lay down it in layers to produce a product. The number of layers on a product is the deciding factor of manufacturing time. The principle of SLS completely differs from FDM. It works on the principle of sintering. In FDM filament is heated in the nozzle, whereas in SLS, the powder is heated by controlled laser pulse. The laser heats the powder and it forms solids by fusion. SLS don’t require support material since the power itself can act as support.

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