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Difference Between Izod and Charpy Test

There are two types of test use for testing the Impact resistance of any material one is Izod Impact resistance test and other is Charpy Impact resistance test. Both of them use the same principle to test the Impact resistance of any material but still there are may difference in them and our today's article will show these difference between Izod and Charpy Impact  testing 

Izod vs Charpy

Specimen Position

Position of specimen is both the experiment is different from each. In the Izod method, the test material was placed in a vertical position, while in the Charpy method, the test material was placed horizontally.

Point of Strike 

Point at which the hammer strike the specimen is different for both of them. In Izod test hammer strike at the upper tip of specimen while in Charpy test hammer strike at point of notch but in opposite direction 

Direction of Notch

Face of specimen which faces the striker is different. The notch face in the izod test is facing the striker, fastened in a pendulum, while in the charpy test, the notch face is positioned away from the striker.

Type Of Notch
In hardness testing two types of notches are used V-notch and U-notch. In the Charpy method, there are two kinds of notches, the V-notch and the U-notch, while in the Izod method, there is V-notch is used

Specimen Dimensions

Even if you are testing the same material the test specimens have different dimensions for each test. The basic Izod test specimen is 75 x 10 x 10mm (2.95" x 0.394" x 0.394"); the basic Charpy test specimen is 55 x 10 x 10mm (2.165" x 0.394" x 0.394") 

Hammer Type

Hammer which use as striker is different in both test. Izod use Farming hammer as striker where as Charpy use Ball Pin hammer as striker

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Why charpy test is carried out why not izod if both the test give same results or not

charpy and izod test does not give same results, they give formation about the same mechanical property ( Impact resistance) under different experimental conditions.

Why is it that in Charpy test the notch is facing away from the striking face while that is not so in case of Izod?
What is the difference in both the kinds of notches? Why can Charpy use both U and V while Izod can use only V?

answers are simple, they want to test the specimen in that pattern. these test are perform to check the mechanical properties of the specimen indifferent condition that why they use different notches and place the specimen at different angles.

What is the advantage and disadvantage for both of them?

i have a class test tomorrow. im confident that your points will help me tomorrow.

Which test is preferred for better results??

could you tell me different between R2 and R8 stricker in Charpy Test? Is this influence to result?


Who carried out charpy and izod test? How to select carry out charpy or izod?

Both test are same striker used.others website don't show any information for striker.

What should be the angle of striking hammer for both test?

The only angles i know for these experiments are the angle of striker arm from mean position to the maximum amplitude position before striking and from mean position to maximum amplitude position after striking.

angle before striking should be maximum as much as possible and angle before striking depends on material on which experiment is being done

When to conduct charpy, when to conduct izod

What is the length of pendulum and what should be the weight of striking hammer ??

assalamualaikum nk tnya klau soalan tnya explain principle each testing and different method nk jwb apaa eaaa????

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