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Question 1 Axial and centrifugal compressors
a. What are the main parts of a centrifugal compressor and describe the function of each.

b. What are the main parts of an axial flow compressor

c. Describe the air flow through a centrifugal compressor

d. Describe the air flow through an axial flow compressor

e. What is a stage in an axial flow compressor and describe the air flow through a stage

f. Given an explanation as to why axial flow compressor rotor blades are twisted

g. List two methods of attaching rotor blades to a compressor drum

h. State the advantages and disadvantages of 1. Centrifugal compressor 2. Axial flow compressor

i. What are the main advantages of  twin spool compressor

j. Given an explanation of the term compressor stall

k. Given the explanation of the term compressor surge

l. List three situation that can cause a compressor to stall

m. Given an explanation as how variables inlet guide vanes can reduce or stop a compressor from stalling.

In order to understand the purpose of compressor, intake and combustur there is need to understand the working of turbine in simple words. The air or gas comes from intake and compressed with the help of compressor through adiabatic process as no heat enter or leave the system and then it enters in combustion chamber where it get mixed with fuel and burn with constant pressure after that it is expand to drive the shaft. These mechanism can be divided into four stages 

Question No 1
A pulley system uses a flat belt of cross section area 1000 mm square and density 1150 kg/m^3.  The angle of the lap on the smaller wheel is 130, the coefficient of friction is 0.32 and the maximum force allowed in the belt is 550N and velocity is 9 m/sec. Calculate 

  • The maximum power when centrifugal force is not included
  • The maximum power when centrifugal force is included 
  • The initial belt tensions 

According to Wastiels, L. (2009) building structural design and building material are the two most important factors those need to be considered during the designing phase of the building.  Out of these two factors, building material will be discussed in this report. Selecting a building material is one of the most difficult tasks now a day because now it is not just selecting a strongest material for any building, now it is about fulfilling a certain criteria. 

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