29 Jul 2015

From The Inside Out, Get A Whole New Appreciation For The Humble Motor

Super Slow Motion Video Show How AK-74 Work

28 Jul 2015

From Trash To Treasure, 11 photos of animal made of old clock pieces

12 Jul 2015

GXV T Ground X by Darpa, The future military vehicle

New Bike That Have Bendable Frame Can Never Be Stolen

See what happen when you put a LED in Liquid Nitorgen

7 Jul 2015

Ramp jumping one of the most exciting and dangerous game that we have today, in which a driver have to jump his/her vehicle into air and pass over a free space or over a number bike, cars, fire trail or even over a river. 

To do this effectively, one should concern these two things one the vehicle speed and second the angle of ramp. for the rest of science behind ramp jumping watch the video

Science behind the Ramp Jumping

30 Jun 2015


F 22 Raptor


Chengdu J-20 

MH-x silent hawk


Nano Humming Bird

iaio fotros

11 Game Changing Fighter Jets and helicopters of present age

28 Jun 2015

Parrot's New MiniDrone Lineup

26 Jun 2015

Poland have just developing a new battle tank which is invisible to radar.

Poland New Invisible Battle tank

F-35B First fighter jet which can take off like a helicopter.


F-35B First Ski Jump Launch

If you are in the field with your guns to have some fun and forget to bring your frying pan to cook food for you. Here how you can cook your egg using your sun machine gun

How To Cook Egg Using AK

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