Open Channel Flow LAB REPORT


TO study the open channel flow in a rectangular perspex channel

1. Investigate the uniform flow condition in open channel flow
2. Verify the manning’s equation



Venturi meter and orifice plate effects are two main and very important phenomenas in fuild mechanics sub field of mechanical engineering. In this post the effect of venturi meter and orifice plate on the fluid flow will be disciussed and complete work will be presented in the form of report. 

Project 4 - Design and Development of Automated circle drawer


Aim of this mechanical engineering project is to design and develop an automatic circle drawer which can be used to draw circles of different diameter. This task is a perfect mechanical engineering semester project which can enables students to learn about design an development of product. 
Main topics which will be covered int this mechanical project are as follow

  • Concept Designing
  • Concept Design Selection
  • CAD modeling
  • Design detail description
  • Manufacturing considerations 

Project 3 - Analysis of three different material for flywheel


Current selection of material and manufacturing process for the flywheel has been clearly described and critically evaluated in Project 2 - Analysis of current material and manufacturing process of flywheel but there are other materials and manufacturing process that can be used instead of current material and manufacturing process to increase the performance, reliability and cost effectiveness of flywheel. Three of these materials and their manufacturing process are discussed below.

Project 2 - Analysis of current material and manufacturing process of flywheel


Flywheel is a mechanical device used to store the rotational kinetic energy. The main application of the flywheel is to provide the kinetic energy whenever the load torque is greater the drive torque. Amount of energy store in a flywheel depends on three things geometry of flywheel, angular velocity of flywheel and density of material used. Whereas the flywheel ability to handle the stresses and range of angular velocity at which it can rotate safely, depends on the material of the flywheel. Therefore the material selection is one of most important aspect of flywheel manufacturing.  

Fused Deposition Modeling - 3D Printing


FDM by Zureks

Fused deposition modeling is an additive layer manufacturing process also known as layer by layer manufacturing process because in this process a 3 dimensional object is made by adding very thin 2 dimensional layers. Process starts with generating the computer aided design (CAD model) of the component which needed to be manufactured. Then second step is to convert the computer aided design file in to STL (standard triangulation language) file, this file format is internationally accepted by all additive layer manufacturing machines. Third step is to slice the 3 dimensional STL file into 2 D cross sections, this is done by the additive layer manufacturing machine. In fourth step the physical development of the desire component is done. After complete manufacturing of the component the post processing is required which is fifth step where finishing process like cleaning and curing is done and final the component is read to be used. 


source: Wikipedia

Additive layer technology more commonly known as the 3D printing or layer by layer manufacturing technology is the most discussed and used (at small level) manufacturing method now a days. As engineers are trying to manufacture more and more products through additive layer manufacturing so in this post we will try to select a an additive layer manufacturing process for engine cylinder block by working on following steps

1. Study the current Manufacturing Process
2. Select one additive layer manufacturing process 
3. Study the new manufacturing process
4. Compare the present and new manufacturing processes
5. Conclude the result about the additive layer manufacturing of engine cylinder block

Assignment 2- Design a Projectile Launcher


Design a spring-loaded gun to shoot a projectile to your worst enemy. The conceptual design of this gun is shown on the next page.
It consists of a commercially available pipe (1), 
bottom cap (2) 
with an opening for the trigger pin, trigger pin (3), 
piston (4),
threaded rod (5) 
with a machined groove (6) to engage the trigger pin, 
nut (7), 
projectile (8), 
helical spring (9) 
and  aerodynamic projectile nose (10) of negligible weight.

Assignment 1 Engineering Mechanics-Statics


Question No 1

Figure 1(a) shows a Geneva Mechanism whereby constant speed rotation of shaft O gives intermittent rotation of shaft P. The distance between shaft centers is 100 mm and the distance OA is 35 mm. For the position shown, draw proper space, velocity and acceleration diagrams for this mechanism, and find the angular velocity and acceleration of the slotted member.

Effect of Sluice Gate on the Flow of Fluid Lab Manual


Study the effect of sluice gate on the flow of fluid in a rectangular channel

1. Learn the basic theory of flow under sluice gate in a rectangular channel

2. Using momentum function consideration to find force exerted on flow by the sluice gate

3. Calculate the power loss and energy head loss at jump suction using specific energy consideration

Bernoulli Experiment Lab Report


Aim of this experiment is to compare the behavior of ideal fluid and real fluid 

1. Use the venture meter apparatus to study the effect of area of the flow velocity and fluid pressure
2. Use the Bernoulli’s equation to compare the behavior of ideal and real fluid

Torsional Testing of Materials, Mechanics of Material Lab Report

source: Wikipedia 

1.1 Aim

Torsional Testing of Brass, Steel and Aluminum

1.2 Objective

  • Learn the basics of torsion theory
  • Learn and practices the principle of torsion testing,
  • Find the maximum shear strain, shear stress and modulus of rigidity
  • Establish the relationship degree of rotation and torque applied for the material under observation
  • Understand the differences between material properties of different material
  • Able to select material for different engineering components which are under torsion