First of all, we want to say Thanks for visiting here & loading on About Us page of Green Mechanic. Green Mechanic is a place where you get tools to make you simple blog into pro. Here we will sharing some information about us.

Green MechanicGreen Mechanic is a on line mechanical engineering article sharing website managed by a team of professional Mechanical Engineers known as team GM.

Green Mechanic is currently publishing Article in six field related to mechanical engineering and those are Mechanics of machine, Fluid mechanic / Hydraulic, Manufacturing, Green Technology, HVAC and CAD/CIM. We also provides some free ebooks and solution manul to mechanical engineers.

Our website was first started in 2012 as  Wind Turbine and at that time we were only concern with Wind turbine but with in a year we pass through four stages of success (1) Wind Turbine (2) Green Technology (3) Mechanical Engineering & Green Technology (4) Green Mechanic.

Green Mechanic currently have publish hundreds of articles on gears, auto mobile, wind turbine, hydro turbine, materials, manufacturing, pumps, pro engineer, cad/cim and many more. currently we are receiving thousands of visitors per months.


This website is standing for we want to help you guys in learning mechanical engineering. Our mission is to provide great contents and tutorials for less experienced engineers who are still need quality tips and help and learn from others more experienced engineers. There's no limit on how far we can go in sharing our knowledge. Imagination is the only limitation here. We do tutorials step by step so you can easily follow. We always work on our Readers Demands. I always try to give best tool which can help my readers. We also created many categories so it is easy to learn. Every users demand something special or latest so we always try.

Our aim is to spread our knowledge to all engineers in every corner of online world and to be the best provider of tutorials, books, video and intrusting comparisons. Each post is published with a hope that every engineer may learn the essential basics to start himself as a skilled engineer, act as a rich resource to the online community and make a happy living online. We also aim to create a connection with every online people to share the skills that we have. Along with the mechanical engineering articles we have also written few articles on green technology because we want our future be greener than today.

Request to the readers

English is my 2nd language and I am not so good in it and I am trying to improve my skill on it. So if you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes in my article, please tell it to me through the contact mail or the comment form. I encourage you to let me know the negative sides of my articles. You can do it through the comment form.

If you need any assistance or any other information regarding topics which are related to my website, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Last Word

Before you will end reading this page, I would like to say thank my family who supported me financially and emotionally, thank you. To all my friends for the happiness and ideas we've been tackled every reunion. And to all my readers, thank you so much. Without you, this site is nothing. You are like water and sunlight who keeps the plant alive. May be I have wasted your valuable time, Sorry! Thanks for reading & interest with our site. You are invited to visit my websiteagain…This Site is daily update.


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