Cold chamber die casting

Cold Chamber 
Die Casting Machine Ready For Manufacture

Cold chamber die casting is one of the two basic types of the die casting in which molten metal is poured manually into a chamber called cold chamber attached to the plunger at one side and mold die at the other side.

Parts of the cold die chamber die casting

  • Power cylinder
  • Plunger rod
  • Plunger
  • Cold chamber
  • Pouring hole
  • Stationary section attached to the base
  • Fixed die half
  • Movable die half
  • Movable plate
  • Guide rode
  • Movement mechanism
  • Stationary section attached to the base
  • Power cylinder for closing die

Steps involves in cold chamber die casting

Step 1

Mold parts are attached are to the plates and plates are attached to each other with great force. 

Step 2

Molten metal is poured manually into the cold chamber through the pouring hole

Amount Of Molten Material For A Single Shot Is Poured Into The Shot Chamber

Step 3

Power cylinder forces the plunger and plunger force the molten metal with great force into the cavity. Plunger remains in that position until the molten metal solidifies into the cavity. 

Plunger Has 
Injected The Shot Of Molten Metal From The Cold Chamber Into The Mold

Step 4

After the metal solidifies plunger move back and plates move are open and mold is open to remove the cast part

Cold Shot 
Chamber Open With Piston Back

Advantages of cold die casting

  • High melting metal can be cast
  • Cold chamber die casting products have some advantages like intricate detail, thin walls, and superior mechanical properties

Disadvantages of cold die casting

  • Lower production rate
  • Need more pressure than hot chamber
  • Dangerous for labor

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